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Derived Geometry, Symplectic Geometry,

and Representation Theory

Kick-off meeting of the ERC project DerSympApp

December 10-12, 2019


Tristan Bozec - Relative critical loci and moduli stacks of quiver representations

Lukas Brantner - Deformation theory and Lie algebras in characteristic p

Timothy Hosgood - Simplicial Chern-Weil theory

Corina Keller - Smooth 1-dimensional field theories over a manifoldr

Johan Leray - Some properadic structures in geometry

Etienne Mann - Gromov-Witten invariants of an hypersurface via derived algebraic geometry

Alexandre Minets - K-theoretic Hall algebras of surfaces and quantum toroidal gl_n

Gabriele Rembado - Symmetries of isomonodromy systems and quantisation of quiver varieties

Pelle Steffens - Elliptic moduli problems in derived geometry


Practical information

The talks will take place at IMAG (see here for how to come), room 330, with an exception: Alexandre's talk, joint with the AGATA seminar, will take place in room 430.


Michele Bolognesi

Cédric Bonnafé

Michel Boyom

Tristan Bozec

Lukas Brantner

Sylvain Brochard

Damien Calaque

Ricardo Campos

Claude Cibils

Lionel Darondeau

Thibaut Delcroix

Clément Dupont

Albin Grataloup

Timothy Hosgood

Corina Keller

Marcello Lanzilotta

Johan Leray

Ruslan Maksimau

Etienne Mann

Eduardo Marcos

Valerio Melani

Alexandre Minets

Pierre-Louis Montagard

Joost Nuiten

Hoel Queffelec

Gabriele Rembado

Andrea Solotar

Pelle Steffens

Vladimir Verchinine

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